What we stand for...

If a challenging work environment doesn't excite you,
then you definitely don't belong to a startup.
But probably no one told you that a great culture is not just about work.

A great culture is not just about work,
it's work + life.


Dream Big.
At Near, it also means freedom.

- Anil Mathews, Founder and CEO, Near


  • Believe in Freedom and Responsibility
  • Disrupt the Status Quo
  • Are unreasonably selective about Our Colleagues
  • Believe in Work plus Life
  • Are a perpetual Work In Progress


  • Stay curious and rapidly challenge prevailing assumptions with new ideas
  • Keep us nimble by finding practical solutions to hard problems

So what we do

Don't hire to delegate but to elevate Hire people smarter than you, whom you can learn from.

And we ask our members

Be either a go-getter or one who supports a go-getter Who are you?



Explore The Near Culture.
A great culture is not just about work

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